ISSN 0886-3067

Volume No 38 Issue No 2

Intra Arterial Chemotherapy (IAC)- Advantages and pitfalls
Lubna Siddiq Mian, Muhammad Moin
Partial Coherence Laser Interferometry Versus Conventional A-Scan Acoustic Biometry in Intraocular Lens Power Calculation Comparison of Postoperative Refractive Error
Javeria Muid, Farooq Afzal
Depressive Illness in Patients with Eye Disease, A Hidden Entity
Yasir Iqbal Malik, Aqsa Malik, Waqas Ahmad, M. Farooq
Postoperative Complications of Trabeculectomy in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma Versus Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma
Erum Shahid, Uzma Fasih, Arshad Shaikh
To compare the Day-Time Phasing with One-Time Supine Position IOP in Patients with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma and Normal Tension Glaucoma
Aneeq Ullah Baig Mirza, Asim Mehboob, Muhammad Usman Arshad, Sohail Zia, Aamir Asrar
Effect of Pupil Dilation on Ocular Biometric Measurements in High Myopes
Nida Haider, Nighat Parveen, Sadaf Rani, Sarfraz Hussain Anwar
Combined Trabeculotomy and Trabeculectomy with Application of Mitomycin C in managing Primary Congenital Glaucoma
Khawaja Khalid Shoaib, Sidra Anwar, Akhwand Abdul Majeed Jawwad
Outcome of Cataract Surgery at Secondary Eye Care Facility in Karachi
Mahpara Mangi, Muhammad Khizar Bashir, Mujahid Inam
Causes of Delayed Presentation of Retinoblastoma in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Pakistan
Asma Mushtaq, Huma Zafar Gondal, Seema Qayyum, Ahmed Raza, Fiza Azhar
Delayed Surgical Management of the Patients with Chronic Dacryocystitis: A Cross Sectional Survey
Bazla Batool, Usama Iqbal, Hamza Iqbal, Irfan Qayyum Malik, Aamna Jabran
Lateral Tarsal Strip A Method of Choice for Management in Variety of Lower Lid Malposition
Fariha Sher Wali, Adnan Abdul Majeed, Rafeen Talpur, Shahzad Memon, Khalid Iqbal Talpur
Clinical effectiveness and local side effects of topical 0.05% cyclosporine in treatment of children with severe vernal keratoconjunctivitis
Adnan Ahmad, Mubashir Rehman, Muhammad Farhan, Jawad Humayun
Ptosis Repair with Additional Blepharoplasty
Qirat Qurban, Zeeshan Kamil, Khalid Mahmood
The Association between Attendance and Academic Performance of MBBS Students of a Private Medical College in the Subject of Ophthalmology
Sidrah Riaz, Mariam Sheikh, Muhammad Tariq Khan, Ambreen Mumtaz, Muhammad Saghir
Early Removal of Scleral Buckle
Nida Usman, Muhammad Ali Haider

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